Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mmmmm... Link Larkin

So, this weekend I re-watched Hairspray. I saw it in the theater last summer and loved it. I hadn't laughed that hard in... well, I don't even know how long. Then when I watched again this weekend, and oh man... I laughed that hard again! I don't know what it is about this movie, whether is Travolta in drag, the never-ending double entendres, or, well... Zac Efron. (I'm a dirty old woman, I know, to think he's so stinkin cute. But girlfriends...) Seriously, I love-love-love this movie! I'd ordered it on my netflix, but now that I've seen it again (and the "I Can Hear the Bells" and "Without Love" scenes three times each), I know what I have to do - bite the bullet and buy the dvd. Seriously, $20 for a dvd that makes me giggle like this one does is money well spent. Oh, holy freak-a-moly, I love this movie!

Friday, April 25, 2008

As promised...

Here I am on a Friday night, being all bitter about bad grammar/punctuation, and now that I have a forum in which to share these things, well... You all, my lucky readers, get to hear about it.

First of all, I must say that love that I got an email today that started the rounds online at the end of March. Apparently this article about a Jazz game has been circling the internet for quite some time, and it took one of my very non-basketball-ish friends to forward it to me. (Funny, since I do have friends who follow basketball (and Pres Monson... haha), it surprised me that it took almost a month for me to get this.) Anyhoo... the reason I'm writing this is not on any level to tell ya'll about the fact that Pres Monson is (who knew?!?) a Jazz fan, but rather to get a little gripe out about the accuracy of (or, at the very least, the improper punctuation used by) the mass media. (If one would like to go so far as to call Deseret News "the mass media", that is.)

So, here's my beef. This sentence is annoying me to no end: "Carlos Boozer said he was surprised that President Monson was saying "Hi to everybody."' Really, he was saying "Hi to everybody"? Really? That's what he said, verbatim, he said "Hi to everybody"? Somehow, I doubt it. I'm pretty sure he wasn't saying "Hi to everybody", as in "Hi to everybody, I have no idea how to properly greet people, so I'm going to walk in here and say 'hi to everybody', because I don't know another way to just say hi." Puh-leeze, we don't say "Hi (with or without a capital H) to everybody", we say "Hi", and then maybe follow up with a "How are you?". We just say "Hi" (which is okay to be (and actually should be), a H, since it's a one word sentence that stands alone), and we can say "Hi" to everybody... as in, everybody in the room, in our path, in the gym (or whatever it is that you call the place where basketball is played), but People of Deseret News Staff... you did not need to capitalize the H in "hi", nor did you need the quotation marks here, as that wasn't an actual quote of something Pres Monson said that would merit quotation marks. It was just a comment made by Boozer. Good grief. Must I lecture the entire world on how, when and where to properly use quotation marks? It would seem so... The good news is that it's Friday night and I have nothing else on my plate, so I'm up to the task. (Phew. I know the universe is breathing a collective sigh of relief.)

If any and/or all of you would like to see the trainwreck of unmerited capitalization and quotation marks, not to mention read an article on how the Pres enjoys a good game of ball, serve yourself. The link is below.,5143,695265794,00.html

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome to my little corner of the www. I've finally done it, I've created my very own blogspot. Yes, that's right folks - I blog. I'm a blogger. Wow.

What I have to look forward to in this new venture into the blogging world - an outlet for my silly stories, another place to talk (okay, type) about the crazy things that seem to happen to me on a weekly (if not daily) basis.

What you have to look forward to in this, my new online world - funny stories, the occasional super cute picture of me and/or my friends & family, bitter diatribes on the gross misuse of grammar and punctuation that I run across on an almost daily basis... (And yes, I know I live in a bit of a glass house, what with all the... and the ( ) and the - all over the place, but I figure - I know it's wrong, and therefore I can take poetic license.) I'm telling you, the fun will never end here. (Or... it will, and then you'll quit reading me and start blog-stalking someone else. Whatever.)

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is... Welcome. I'm glad you found me. I can only hope that you're glad, too.