Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Okay, so I don't know if these little guys actually keep my toilet that much cleaner than it would be, but I'll tell you one thing... they make my bathroom smell clean, and that's good enough for me.

Not having kids in the house, I can keep one of these little guys alive for about 2 weeks at a time. Every single time I flush my toilet, the bowl fills with semi-bubbly water that smells like cleanser. It's pretty much like Christmas. I love them!

I will admit that it took me a while to figure out how to dispense those little gel buds, but that's the one and only complaint I've had about this product. I heart the smell of cleanser, because it tricks me into thinking I just cleaned my bathroom (which is so clearly not the case - anyone who's ever seen my counter top and/or mirror could tell you that a true down & dirty, top to bottom cleaning happens about once in a blue moon). I love the little bubbles, because they make me think my toilet's super clean. Pretty much, this is the most happiness $6 in the cleanser aisle can buy a girl.

Go forth, go shopping, buy these. I'm pretty sure that you will love them.

*And if you buy them based on this review and then end up hating their guts, please know that you can hand your left-over product over to me and I'll enjoy them for you. So, you see, it's pretty much win/win (for me, anyway).

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sabrina: A Study

Over the weekend, I decided to watch both Sabrina movies, back to back, to do a little contrast/comparison study. (You know me, I'm so scientific.) I love them both. This is what I found:

I love the old movie, because I remember watching it as a kid. I was mesmerized by the wrist flip egg cracking routine. (Which I can do, by the way, in both hands at the same time. I'm somewhat of a kitchen wunderkind, I know.) I love La Vie en Rose, the way the melody is in the background through much of the film makes my heart happy. Audrey Hepburn is a beautiful thing. Her clothes, her hair, her skinny little legs and her long elegant neck. Her ball gown ("with yards of skirt") blows my freaking mind. Oh my goodness, she must have had so much fun wearing the clothes for this movie. Honestly, it's beautiful. If I thought I could get away with black leggings and a wide-collared coat, I'd so wear them. (Don't worry, I know I can't get away with that and will not be appearing in public ala Audrey anytime soon. But still, the wardrobe? Fabulous.)

I love the new movie, because it's a refreshing remake of classic. Familiar enough to pay homage to the original, but new and fresh and updated. Julia Ormond's makeover-by-haircut makes me want to bob my hair. The only thing that keeps me from whacking my hair off at my ears is the knowledge that it'd take a whale of a lot more than a sincere haircut and some dark lipstick to turn me into a supermodel. (Well... that, and if I did cut my hair and then found out I had cancer, I wouldn't have enough hair left on my head to have a wig made of my own hair. And that's always been a dream of mine.) I love music in the new movie as well. John Williams is a freaking genius, and I love that he wrote the theme. (It's gorgeous.) I love the voice overs at the beginning and end of the movie. I love Linus telling Mr. Fairchild "I need her, and I don't need anything".

At the end of the day, I love both movies. Truly, madly and deeply, I love both movies. The newer movie is funnier, in a dry hi-my-name's-Linus-Larrabee-and-I'm-rich-but-hilarious sort of way. (I do love the scene when they're getting ready for the party and a dog runs out of the house and Linus asks "What was that?". David replies "It's a dog". Linus's deadpan response, "Why?". It slays me. I mean, laugh out loud slays me. I could marry him for that quip alone.) The newer version has richer character development. I believe Linus when he tells Sabrina that she knows him better than anyone else. I love that she gets him to eat with his fingers, and that she tells him point-blank what people say about him. I love that he really does donate his property to be a half-way house. Ahhhh, Linus. I love him!

These are good movies. I love them! I'm so grateful for a mom who loves a good story, and who instilled in me a love of a well-told story, whether that story is in print or film. ... Sometimes I wish my dad had been a chauffeur and I was his only daughter, but then I remember that Harrison Ford probably wouldn't have lived in the big house next door, anyway, and then I go back to be grateful for the home I did grow up in and the life I have. :-)

If you aren't familiar with Sabrina, I think you should be. Call me if you need to borrow one or the other. Heaven only knows I could spare to loan out a movie or two from time to time...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here I raise my Ebenezer...

I've had this song in my head all morning. Of all the songs in all the world to have stuck in my head, I'd like to go on record as having said that this is, in my opinion, one of the ten best songs of all time to have playing on repeat. I love this song - it brings me peace, and joy. It reminds me that I need to look more often to the Lord, to fetter my will to His. The music is beautiful, but the lyrics... well, they're scripture, and they speak to my very soul.

Here I raise my Ebenezer; hither by Thy help I've come; and I hope, by Thy good pleasure, safely to arrive at home.

Oh my goodness gracious, I love this song!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm sending this out into the universe...

Has anyone seen my copy of North & South? I'm pretty sure I loaned it to a friend (because we all know I'm all in favor of sharing the cinematic wealth when I find something as fabulous as Mr. Thornton), but for the life of me, I can't think of where it might be (or, rather, whose house it might be in).

So... if any of you faithful blog stalkers o' mine have my dvd, please know there will be no negative impact on our friendship status if you have this on your movie shelf. (If you're like me, you probably put it in a safe place and then forgot you had it. I've done that - oh, I don't even know how many times.) I only ask, plead and/or beg of you to return it. And soon. (Feel free to leave it on my porch if you don't want me to know who you are. I don't care if it's returned anonymously. I just want it back, safe and sound.)

I need a little Mr. Thornton in my life. Badly.

Can you blame me?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Christopher Timothy Robin

So, here's a funny story for you.

Years ago, when I was working for Ye Old Central Bank, I had the blessed privilege of interacting with a wide variety of tough guys - otherwise known as Wells Fargo Men. (Now they're Loomis, but back then, they were Wells Fargo, and let me tell you, they were a treat and a half.) Because of the size of our coin shipments, both in and out of the bank, we had some real characters who'd make deliveries to and from the bank. One of my personal favorite delivery guys was Thor. (Yeah, Thor, as in the God of Thunder.) Thor was built like a friggin brick wall. I'm not even kidding you. He was just barely taller than me, but his shoulders were, I swear, about 4 feet wide. He had the most incredible square jaw, and the highlight of my week was when he'd make the coin delivery and I could watch him throw quarters. (I know, I'm so shallow.) He could palm a box of quarters, people. It was impressive...

Anyway, Thor. Thor was an amazing specimen of humanity. And he was nice enough, but he wasn't much of a conversationalist. He'd come in, deliver my coin, grunt a hello and/or good-bye, and then he'd be gone for a week. One day, he came in and as I was signing the manifest, he surprised me by asking if I was a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh. Weird, right? This is how it went down...

Thor: So, you must really like Winnie-the-Pooh?
Me: Uhm... I guess. The books more than the movie, but yeah.
Thor: That's what I figured. A. A. Milne's Pooh, not Disney's.
Me: Uhhh... yeah.
(insert awkward silence here - I was so confused as to where this was coming from)
Me: But how would you know that? What made you ask?
Thor: Christopher Timothy Robin (nodding toward my hand)
Me: Huh?
Thor: Your ring.
Me: What?
Thor: C-T-R ... Christopher Timothy Robin
Me: ... silence
Thor: I've never seen a ring like that, so I'm just guessing that's what it stands for.
Me: ... more silence - utter confusion (I mean, we were in UTAH, for goodness sake, land of the CTR ring wearing public, and he'd never noticed one before?)
Thor: Anyway... I just thought it was cool.
Me: Yeah. Well... thanks.
Thor: They're really good books.

And then he left, amazingly enough, never to come back. I still don't know it he was pulling my leg. Never, ever, anywhere in my life, have I seen a reference to Christopher Robin having a middle name. I don't even know where that came from, but it was one of the oddest days in my vault-working life. I looked down at my CTR ring today on my finger and remembered that episode and had a good laugh, and I wanted to share.

Gosh, I love Pooh-bear. I also love random memories. On top of those two things, I love that I have this nutty blog, where I can type this kind of totally random thing, and you read it. (Thank you, my reading public, for indulging me. You all really are the best, ever!)

I really do have the best life ever. ... Now, I think I'll go read something warm and fuzzy before I head to bed. I'm feeling the need for a little House at Pooh Corner tonight.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whatever happened to Bill Pullman, anyway?

We were talking about this movie at Sunday dinner, and that was the question of the night. What did happen to Bill? He was kind of all over the place in the late 90's, and then he fell off the face of the earth. Which is too bad, really, since he has one of the best raspy voices of all time. (I looked for the "leaning" clip, but was unable to find it on YouTube. Dangit!)

This movie makes me laugh, it also makes me cry (not all the time, but every once in a while, I get teary). I love the family relationships; the family dinner is one of my favorite scenes of all time "Ceasar Romero wasn't tall" - "these mashed potatoes are creamy". Ha! These people are all nuts enough to be totally believable to me. (Does that say something about my family, do you think?)

If you haven't seen this movie, just go right out and buy it today. (Yeah, it's that good.) If you haven't seen it in a long time, watch it again - right now.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I wonder, when He comes again...

Can I get a big "Amen!" to how fabulous this song is?

Okay... so this is not the best arrangement/video of all time, but it was this or Jimmy Osmond on YouTube, so I went with this. (Trust me, it was the right choice.) What I wouldn't give for the clip of the Tabernacle Choir singing this in the morning session of conference this morning. Oh, my. This song speaks to my very soul. I love that this song is part of my childhood, that it is one of the first songs I remember learning. I love even more the feeling, the swell of my heart, when I hear the lyrics as an adult and I really do wonder when He'll come, and pray that, wherever I am, I will be ready and worthy to be with Him.

On this Easter morning, I am grateful for: His life, His example, His suffering, His love. I'm grateful for the knowledge that He lives; for the peace that having that absolute knowledge brings to my heart - and to my life.

He is the resurrection and the life. He lives. I know this. And, for this, I am grateful.

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mmmmm.... Candy.

So, how do you love my new centerpiece?

It's from Mich. I love Mich. Heck, anyone who knows Mich loves Mich, and I'm not just saying that because she made a 7 page long candy poster and sent it to me in the mail with a bunch of other candy/fun in a box - I'm saying it because it's true.

For your reading (drooling) enjoyment, I'm gonna show you my pretty genius candy poster. What slays me about this is that she didn't plan out the poster before she bought the candy. Oh, no. Mich went through the candy aisle, picking up pretty much one of everything, and then she went come and created this masterpiece.

Truly, this is great. Enjoy!

Hahahaha... Awesome, right? My favorite are Mike and Ike, the roommates who lived together on 5th Avenue. That whole page was a stroke of candy-writing genius, wasn't it?

And like a 7 page candy poster wasn't enough - check out the other beauties that were in my magical box of sugary goodness. Cinnamon Bunnies (much like Cinnamon Bears, but Eastery), jelly beans, Peeps, assorted chocolate Easter candy, glow-in-the-dark products (I heart glow-in-the-dark toys, btw, just in case you weren't aware) and a pretty sweet beach movie double feature. Yeah, it was pretty much a party in a box. (And for those of you who were wondering - yes, it's for reasons like this box that I stay in touch with old workmates and friends for decades. Where in the world, other than Central Bank, would I be able to find such a prize who would send me such a package?)

I know, I'm pretty much the luckiest girl. Ever.