Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26

Do you know what this is?

That is a chocolate covered potato chip, people. Can you see the ripples in the chip, covered with a rich and delicious milk chocolate? Oh my goodness gracious, they are heavenly! I'll have you know that ever since I first heard about chocolate covered potato chips, I've wanted to try them. I figured that the marriage of sweet and salty, combined with creamy and crunchy would be absolute heaven. It turns out that my junk food spidey-sense was right, once again. These are basically the holy grail of snack/junk food. I am in love.

In love, and deeply beholden.

Last Thursday, at the SNC concert, I was gifted with a big blue bag of chocolates and the lovely plaque pictured below:

Isn't that fantastic?

My friend Melissa was also at the concert Thursday night, and when I walked in, she stood up from her seat and waved me over. She stood up and handed me a HUGE gift bag full delectable chocolates, that plaque and a very sweet card.

One of the few perks of having the cancer? Gifts.

I'm kicking myself for not having taken a picture of all my loot when I got home Thursday night. (You know I've been eating it since then and a picture now would defeat the purpose of showing you how great and glorious this haul was. Since, you know, half of it is gone.) So, I'll just make you a list of what all was in the bag (because we all know that I am a list-loving fool):

Cinnamon Bears
Ghiradelli Truffles
Dove Dark Chocolate
Hershey Bliss
World Market Dark Chocolate (the salted squares, be still my beating heart...)
Rocky Mountain Chocolates (the potato chips - I swoon)

And I cannot forget the bag of chocolates from Cerretas. "If your sweet tooth says candy, your wisdom tooth says Cerreta's" was printed on their bag, and they were not kidding. ... I had never heard of this company before (West side friends, listen to me when I say that you should find this store and go buy yourself some mint truffles. They're the best I've ever had. And we all know that I've had a lot of truffles in my day.) Seriously DIVINE chocolate, people. Divine!

Oh my goodness gracious, Melissa thought of everything. There wasn't a single solitary high-end brand of chocolate that she didn't buy. They are (were) delicious and I've savored every single bite.

I love my friends. I love chocolate. I love my friends who know I love chocolate and buy it for me! Thanks, Melissa, for making my life-long (or, at least as long of my life as I have known they existed...) dream of having a box of chocolate covered potato chips come true.