Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25

I have an update on the insurance front.

Don't get all excited now... it is not great news.

I had a conference call with our sort of HR/liaison company this morning, who advised that the new STD policy has a 12 month exclusionary clause. (This is not a huge surprise, most insurance policies have a waiting period of some sort for disability insurance. Which is understandable, they don't want people to buy a policy one day and file a claim the next. I get it. It sort of stinks for someone in my situation, but I totally get it.)

Anyway, they have a 12 month exclusionary clause. Which means that I wouldn't be able to file a claim and receive any disability payouts until I'd been with them until May 2013. Translation: if I have to have surgery between now and May 1, 2013, I'm pretty much plumb out of luck when it comes to any income while I'm out of work.

Truth be told, I had been expecting this news, so I'd had a back-up plan in mind of continuing the disability policy I currently have so I'd have some sort of coverage if anything should happen between now and a year from now. It would mean paying a double premium, but I figured it would be worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that I had something in place, should I need it. Unfortunately, upon doing a little research into my current disability insurance, it's not a guaranteed continuance. I'd have to answer a medical questionnaire and possibly pass a test to prove that I'm in good health to continue my plan privately once I lose the current group benefit. ... Uh, too bad I am not in good health. It's hard enough to qualify for insurance with a history of cancer (I've been told more than once that without a remission period of 5 years, it's better not to even apply), and I'm smack dab in the middle of dealing with this.

I am frustrated. I am unsure of what this means for my future. I am scared. ... And I'm trying with all of my heart to have faith that, somehow, this will all work out.

Today, I really, really, really hate the cancer. I don't have a lot of warm fuzzies for it on a regular basis, but today it's set me on edge in a major way. (And yeah, I know that I'm supposed to be focused on enjoying the moments and not be worried about the future. That's a great plan and all, but listen... it's just not reality today.) Today, I am worried about my future and I'm frustrated with the way this insurance thing has panned out. Or not panned out, as the case may be.