Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2

Here's the thing about liposarcoma: It's hard to find predictable or even consistent information on it. One site I read stated there are 100,000 cases reported a year (rare, right?); another site reported as many as 15,000 cases a year (rare, squared).

It is what it is, and there's not a darn thing I can do about how rare/uncommon this stupid tumor growing in my belly is, but some days it frustrates me to no end that no one can tell me what to expect.

The upside of today's reading was this lovely article. It was oddly empowering, and I have now officially declared myself CEO of Cancer Girl Enterprises. Given the amount of time I've spent on the phone - and how persistent I've had to be in determining what tactic to try (NEXT) in the great insurance debacle of 2012 - I feel that I've earned the right to both promote myself to CEO and christen my "company". Next up: selecting staff. ... I've always wanted staff. Always. (Of course, it would be even better if my staff were the kind that do the dishes and vacuums the floors, but I'll take Cancer Support Staff, too. Since, you know, I am in need of that more than I am in need of a dishwasher. Darn it.)