Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3

I got a call from the HR department today to let me know that my Transition of Care paperwork had been escalated on up the chain at the insurance company.

Wish me luck that my I (and my doctors, of course) get approval. ... These forms would allow me to stay with my current oncologist while the insurance paper trail catches up with us. As is, I don't know what I'm going to do. If Dr. H isn't an in-network provider, my maximum out-of-pocket literally doubles (and it's not like it's cheap in the first place). I need him to be in-network. Or, in this case, covered by the Transition of Care clause. I'm a little worried, because, technically, a cancer patient has to be in a radiation or chemo treatment cycle to get approval for this program - and I'm not currently recieving treatment. I did add an addendum to my application explaining that, while I'm not currently in a treatment cycle, I am being followed by a specialist within oncology and will most likely be given radiation treatments prior to surgery. Dr. H, bless his sweet little heart, wrote something very similar. (And he didn't even know that I'd added an addendum - he just added a special note that he was monitoring my tumor growth and would order radiation prior to surgery. Isn't it awesome that we're thinking along the same lines? I'm pretty sure it's a sign that we'll both want to name our first born Margaret. ... Just kidding. Sort of.)

So, that's the latest there. As usual, there is no actual news. I'm still just hanging out, waiting for some resolution, chanting the ever present mantra.

"Somehow this will all work out. Somehow this will all work out. Somehow this will all work out..."