Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7

A couple weeks ago, I had a GNO with two of my favorite people ever (Whitney and Lizzie) and the not-so-recent ban of comments on my blog came up in our dinner conversation.

What exactly brought it up in the first place, I don't recall... but the reason that they thought I should reinstate the comment function has stayed with me.

They missed Genevra.

It turns out that my favorite new-agey friend has enjoyed quite a following here at Razzzberries for her unique style of communication. (I'm not kidding. These are not my only two friends who've told me they enjoy (and miss) G.)

So, for those of you who may be needing a little more Genevra in your life... I give you the contents of the latest and greatest package to come my way.

Dear ladies,

A few months ago I was meditating and something completely unrelated to what had been my meditation intention popped into my mind. So I contacted a woman I know who makes jewelry. I asked her to create a bracelet that incorporated the colors white and yellow and had a sun charm on it.

The last two years have brought some challenges and trials to my favorite Central Bank girls. In my meditation I saw a bracelet being a symbol of a strong energetic circle of love, faith and hope. A symbol to remind us that there was a group of people that loved us and was holding in trust for us, faith and hope when our own was fading.

The yellow is for remembering the fun times in our lives. The white is for healing and connecting with our spiritual source. The sun charm is a reminder that no matter what dark and stormy clouds or horrible storms are upon us, the sun is always shining behind them, waiting to shine down upon us once again as the storms of life pass over us.

Love to love to you all, Genevra

Oh, and the WTF stands for all the times you get blindsided in life and want to say, "What the ..." ;-)

Don't mind my freckly arm there, folks, but I had to show you my new favorite accessory. It's bright. It's sun-shiny. It's a little bit sparkly. ... And it's borderline swearing, which always makes me feel a little sassy.

I heart my bracelet, as I heart all of my CB gals... I do love knowing that we all have matchy-matchy bracelets. And I love Genevra, for following her heart when her meditation was interrupted with a thought to have these made. Truly, this custom WTF bracelet trumps any pre-fabbed BFF bracelet out there.

Thanks, G! You're the best!