Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9

So, I'm looking pretty peaked these days.

As in:

peak·ed2    /ˈpikɪd/ [pee-kid]


pale and drawn in appearance so as to suggest illness or stress; wan and sickly.

How do I know? I will tell you. ... I've seen two friends in two days (neither of whom work with me or otherwise see me on a daily basis) and the first thing out of both of their mouths was, "Are you feeling okay? You look really tired."


And this is what my friends say. (My friends who love me and are truly and honestly concerned for my welfare and want me to sit down and rest while I drink a glass of water.) ... Who knows what strangers are thinking when they see my peaked self?

Just yesterday, I was so proud of all this energy that I have these days. (Seriously. I really was patting myself on the back that I now have the energy to come home from work and cook something for dinner before I have to lie down on the couch to rest. ... Six - even two - months ago, I used to come home and eat cereal for dinner before I had to lie down on the couch.)

Oh, well.