Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1

I've said it before, and I'm sure that I'll say it again... I hate picking up my mail.

I mean, I don't always hate it. Sometimes I get cards or packages and those are fun days. But more often than not, the stuff that's in my mailbox is of a more ominous nature.


That's right. Ominous.

Just what I needed to see, the week before I go back for another round of tests. The actual cost of my routine scans/appointments. Awesome.

(On the upside, I'm incredibly grateful that I have insurance. I mean, soooooo grateful! ... Just call me Pollyanna.)

PS - They're not kidding when they say that this country is in need of medical reform. I'll give that multiple MRI's and CT scans are gonna be pricey. That equipment is not cheap, nor is the staff that administers the scan and/or translates the data into a report, but $16,518?! For three scans, some blood work and a couple consults with the doctor? Really?! ... That seems excessive.