Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15

Today is tumor picture day here at Cancer Girl Central. Why? Because it's Friday. Also, because I think I finally got these puppies in a format that will let me upload them.

Please bear in mind that I took these pictures of a moving CT with my cell phone, while Dr. G was pointing and describing. I've circled what I understand to be my tumors, but I am fully aware that any of my medically trained family and friends who see the way I've labeled this pictures may want to LAUGH OUT LOUD at me for having circled a viable organ and not a cancerous growth. (What I'm saying is, there's a reason I have a disclaimer at the bottom of this page. Not only am I not a medical professional, I know nothing about reading CT's.)

Okay, this is my new tumor, circled in pink. It's the little blob to the right and above my kidney.

This is both the old and the new. The new friend, again, is circled in pink. And the older guy is below the kidney (labeled "KIDNEY" for easy reference) with a blue circle.

Now, how much of that matter under my kidney is actually tumor and how much of it is just tissue, I don't know... But I figure they'll be taking anything that's even remotely attached to either tumor. (Be looking forward to pics of my first CT sans the guts on the left side of my body. That'll be a fun little comparison/contrast post, for sure.)