Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21

I have a Wonderful Life!

I mean, I really (REALLY) do.

I've talked before about The George Bailey Effect, about how cancer has been a blessing, in that it has given me the opportunity to get a glimpse of how many lives have been affected by mine.

One of the (very few and far between) gifts of cancer is that it  has shown me who and what is of most importance in my life. I have always believed that people matter. I have always made an effort to make and maintain friendships and relationships. My life has always been blessed with good people, who love me. My people have defined me; they have made  me who I am.

And much like the town of Bedford Falls saved George, my people have saved me.

From the opening lines of the movie, when the town is praying that George will be safe and get the help that he needs...

"Help him, dear father. ... Help my son George tonight. ... George is a good guy, give him a break, God."

To the closing scene, when the town rushes in with the love and support that saves him from a certain fate, I can relate to George. People have literally and virtually "scattered all over town" in an effort to find and provide me the help that I have needed.

My life in the last week has been a mirror to It's a Wonderful Life. (Less the suidical thoughts and intervention of Clarence, anyway.)

As Harry toasts George, I feel compelled to toast you. To my family, to my friends - and the friends of my friends - who have found me and prayed for me and helped me in whatsoever way that you can: Thank you. You have inspired me with your faith, with your emotional and spiritual support and with your financial generosity. You have made me the richest girl in town. (Metaphorically speaking.)

I love you. I will always be grateful, and I will never forget... People are good. God is real. He acts through each of us.

Thank you. For everything.