Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 6

I finally found (read: made) time to call the nice Jester'Z lady today. I got some info on what it will take to get a fundraiser put together, and I'm rather pleased to report that I've been scheming and planning and fantasizing all night about how this is all going to work out.

First things first, I need to find a venue. She suggested a church, or maybe a school auditorium. The Jester'Z need a stage and some kind of a sound set-up, so the audience can hear them. My brain's been running its little hamster wheel and I've had a few ideas pop up. I've sent a few texts and emails to friends who are big on the theater scene here in the valley, and I'm hopeful that the perfect venue is out there, just waiting for me to find it, and that my friends will help get me there. Worst case scenario isn't really all that "worst case", in that I know that I could make an LDS Stake Center work, but I'd really rather not have to worry about having chairs set up and then taken down. Let alone the gym acoustics and the mic situation.

The ideal situation would be something with a stage and an auditorium of sorts, that also has a large enough lobby to accommodate a bake sale. (I only want the best for my friends and family who will come to this party. As a lover all foods that are butter and/or chocolate based, I've decided that a bake sale with home-made goods is a must.) I've also sent an email off to the fine folks at Fight Like a Girl Club, asking them for more details on how their fundraisers work. As much as I am NOT one to wear a T-Shirt with any type of logo on it, I AM one who supports their cause. And besides, it would be another fun (and hopefully, profitable) thing to sell at this fundraiser that I've decided to throw myself.

So, here's what I need: a venue, a series of dates and times that Jester'Z can work with (nothing on a Friday or Saturday night, as the performers need to be available for their regular shows). Once I have confirmation of a location and a date/time, I'm going to need a publicist (or a team of them). I'm thinking maybe a website specific to Cancer Girl Enterprises and The Gala Fundraising Event, with the ability to pre-purchase tickets with a credit card (does anyone know how to set up a PayPal account?).

All in all, this day has left me hopeful that I really can make this happen. Can I control the cancer? No. But I sure can control what I let myself focus on. And, right now, I'm focusing on making a fund raiser happen.

To quote one of the greatest media influences on my life to date: "I love it when a plan comes together."