Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25

I have the coolest and most awesome friends on the planet. (As you're reading this, friend of mine, I'm sure you are nodding your head and thinking to yourself, "Why, yes. Yes, I am the most awesome friend on the planet." And you deserve to be thinking that, because you are.)

I mean, I have people calling, emailing, texting, Facebooking me every day. ... Not the same people every day. That would be excessive. And border-line stalker-ish. But someone, or multiple people, contact me ever day to tell me that I am loved, that I am strong enough to do this really hard thing, that I am Awesome, etc.

I have friends who bring over eggs (thanks, Edholms!) because they know I prefer fresh eggs to store-bought. I have friends who run over hummus (thanks, Lizzie!) because they find out that I'm having a craving. I have friends who drive me to and from the doctor (thanks, Whit and Cassidy!). I have friends who cut up a whole watermelon every week for me, so I can have it for my bedtime snack every night (thanks, Jo!).

I tell you... I have the most awesome friends. And I'm going to stop naming names of the people in my neighborhood who've helped me or brought me prizes, because I'm sure to forget someone, and that would be no good at all.

Instead, I'll move on to the prizes that I've received in the mail over the last week. I tell you what, it's hard for me to open my mail. Too many envelopes have information I don't want (bills... you are my nemesis), so I find myself putting off opening the mail. It just sits. For days. Almost for a week sometimes. (Note to anyone who ever sends baked goods: label your box that it needs to be opened ASAP, otherwise it's apt to sit in the apartment office - and then on my counter - for 7-10 days before I get around to it.)

Well, I recently summoned up the courage to open everything that had been sitting, and would you look at the haul I got...

From Genevra, her favorite laxative. I love her, for about a bazillion reasons, not the least of which is that she knows how important the ability to poo is for me right now. So, she sent me what works best for her. Best. Friend. Ever.

And Mich is at it again. I do loooooove her and her Dollar Store packages! This is a (small) section of a super hero fold-out pop rocks candy pack that she somehow found in a $1 bin. As you may recall, Mich loves to add commentary to any boyfriends/super heroes that she sends my way. Hulk has a conversation bubble with three, Hulk-like, words: "HULK SMASH CANCER". ... Ha! I do love me some Hulk! (He was my favorite in the recent Avengers movie, it is true.) I also love me some Mich.

Would you like to see what else she sent me? That's right, an orange safety vest. For my walks. ... Like the bright red walker isn't warning enough that there's a person/obstacle moving verrrrry slowly across the road, now I have this fluorescent orange vest to wear on outings as well! Mich is so thoughtful. I love her. Best. Friend. Ever.

And would you check this out?! This came in an unmarked envelope with a Mesa address. I was nervous as all get-out to open it, because there wasn't a name on the return address. Hello, Jester'Z sent me a get well card! How in the world they know who I am, or that I had surgery (or where I live, now that I think about it...) is beyond me, but how GREAT are they to send me not only a card, but two free passes?!

Reason #1762 that I will tout Jester'Z as the best entertainment in town until the day I die. I love them! Best. Improv. Comedy. Club. Ever.

And would you look at these? My new internet friend Tracy sent me enlarged prints of the following two pictures that he took with his very own camera.

He'd posted these on Facebook, and when I commented on both of them that I thought they were awesome (seriously, would you look at all the color?!), he enlarged prints and sent them my way. That he took the time to contact a mutual friend in order to get my mailing address, to send me something that he knew I had liked (literally) was amazing to me. How kind. How thoughtful. ... How totally unexpected. Best. New. Internet. Friend. Ever.

And.... Brea. Brea came over last week (it was Mom's birthday) and she brought us a bunch of presents -enlarged prints of family pics from the bbq we had pre-surgery, balloons, cake ... and yellow roses. My goodness, they were beautiful. They opened like real roses on a bush, and they smelled like heaven. Best. Sister-in-law. Ever.

I tell you what. Cancer sucks, and so does surgery. But the love that so many people show during times of hardship never ceases to amaze me. ... Also, the swag. The swag is pretty sweet.