Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27

It turns out that my lack of nausea and other stomach-related issues yesterday were NOT a fluke. Hallelujah! I am still gagging every time I try to swallow a pill (every time - yesterday I told Mom that I thought maybe I should find myself a hypnotist to see if they could make that instant reflex go away, and I wasn't kidding), but I haven't actually thrown up in a week now and I haven't felt like I was going to for 36 hours.

It's like a Christmas (in July) miracle!

But I'm still not going to be going home today, even though my sweet father drove down last night, so he could serve as my taxi driver, if I did end up feeling well enough to go. (How sweet is he? I love him!)

It seems that I've traded my stomach issues for an ear ache and a sore throat. The sore/itchy ear started yesterday morning, and by last night, my right tonsil was swollen and sore. (Yay for not having a spleen and/or immune system!)

So, instead of packing for a weekend at home, this morning I am making a phone call to my primary care doctor to see if she can fit me in today. If this is something that needs antibiotics, I don't want to go through the weekend without them.

And the amazing thing is, I'm totally at peace with all of this. I'd wanted so desperately to go home. I prayed so fervently for my stomach issues to go away - and they did. And then something else came up. Stuff just happens sometimes, and what I've learned over the past several months is that if it's too hard to make something happen - be it a lunch date with a casual friend, a relationship with anyone who's not Nathan Fillion (just cracked myself up), or a trip out of town - there's a reason that it's not working out and I should just let it go.

I realized, while talking to my girl Genevra last night, that I had let this trip go. Too many obstacles were in my way, and my health is far more important to me than a trip home. (Even though I would DIE for a taco from Eva's right about now.)

I learned an important lesson this week. (Again. Why I keep having to re-learn this is beyond me, but hopefully, this time it will stick.) The Lord is in charge, and I will be given what I need. I may not always be given what I want (in this case, strength and health to make a trip home), but I will always be given what I need (I needed my stomach issues to be gone, and they are). Time and again, He has given me what I need, whether it be through direct answers to my own prayers, or through one of many, many people in my life who love me. This week, He relieved my nausea. I know it sounds like a small thing, but to me it was signal. Also this week, He has given me peace with spending a weekend in Mesa when I'd wanted to be home. (This is not one, but two, Christmas miracles in my book, and I'm incredibly grateful for both of them.)