Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12

Last night, I went to a birthday party. That's right, I was social. ... For about two hours. After I'd spent the day on my couch, resting, so I'd have enough energy to go to said party. (Listen, it had been publicized that there would be waffles and other breakfast food at this party (you know how I do love bacon). Also, single men.)

So, I went to the party. Spent some time talking to the birthday girl, who is a perfectly delightful person. Spent some time talking to other friends, whom I hadn't seen or talked to since a few weeks prior to surgery. Spent some time making some new friends.

And I ate breakfast food:

1) Eggs, which I know I can handle. (We all know that I eat eggs on a regular basis. I swear, I either have eggs or fried chicken every single day of my life. What can I say? I'm a huge fan of the chicken-based food group.)

2) Bacon, which I soooo want to be able to handle, so I like to try it out every other week... just to see if I've been able to make improvement on that front.

3) A corner piece of a waffle, piled high with strawberries and peaches, in hopes that the fruit would counteract the effects of the white flour that I was about to put into my body.

I am pleased to report that I didn't suffer any immediate results of having ingested both my beloved bacon and a waffle square at said party.

I am less pleased to report that my stomach woke me up just before 4:00 this morning with its audible gurgling and groaning, as it is currently trying to process the breakfast food that I ate for dinner last night. (When I was in the hospital, one of the nurses made a comment along the lines of "Most people would kill for bowel sounds like that!". For the record, I am not "most people". I'd much rather have a quiet and peaceable digestive system, thanks.)

Which brings me to this morning's Pollyanna moment: The good news is that my stomach isn't waking me up like this all the time anymore. (It was like this every day, after every meal or snack, up until about two weeks ago.) My guts are improving and getting stronger. This is good news. I just need to lay off the waffles (and, sadly... bacon) for a while, which is doable (even if it is a  bit of a bummer).