Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19

I went to church today.


That's right, I am growing up, getting better and making an honest effort to re-enter the real world.

I went. I sat (in the back, by myself, keeping to my usual routine of sitting on the end of a row, and then blocking myself off by keeping an appropriately placed hymnal on the chair next to me so no one could get actually sit by me... leadership sort of hates that I isolate myself so, but I get claustrophobic in the middle of a pew and haaaaaaaate having people who I don't love like family sitting close enough to touch me). I smiled and waved (just call me Princess Di) at some friends in the congregation who had noticed I was there. I sang.

It was glorious. ... Until I started to get really tired and uncomfortable, about 30 minutes in. (Final decision made: I am out as soon as this meeting is over.)

And as soon as the meeting was over, I made a beeline for the door. Too bad a good ten women made a beeline for me at the exact same moment. I stood there with my arms up in a defensive motion, saying "No touching!". Too bad not everyone wanted to hear that and I had a couple sweet women come up from behind and glom onto me. Bless them. ... I so should have practiced talking like a prison guard more. I think maybe I need to say "NO TOUCHING" in all caps. Bother.

As it was, I got out of there with only three people having touched me, which I'm considering a colossal win.

Mind you, I still came home, clorox wiped the door knob where I'd touched it with my "church people" hands, lysoled the donation slips and envelopes I'd brought home with me and proceeded to wash my hands and face with anti-bacterial soap. Twice. ... Yes, I'm a little more OCD than usual right now. Before you judge me, just remember that I lost a spleen a couple months ago and have already seen evidence that my immune system isn't what it used to be. A girl can't be too careful. (And I happen to really, really enjoy the linen scented Lysol.)

After I'd deloused the place (by which I mean: doorknob), I ate a couple peaches (it's August... that's what I eat in August) and lied down on the couch. I was out like a light in under 30 minutes and slept for almost four hours.

I was able to go to church, see some friends, sing some songs, eat some peaches and take a nap today. I'm calling this Sunday a success!