Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5

Yesterday was a red letter day, in that I put makeup on for the first time in over six weeks.

That's right. Makeup.

Wednesday, last week, I looked in a mirror... and for the first time in the six weeks since surgery thought "I should put some mascara on". It took three more days for me to actually DO my makeup and/or hair, but it's good to feel - and look - a little more like me.

As many of you readers may know, I do not wash my face before I go to bed (it is rumored that this may be the reason why I'm still single), so it stands to reason that I woke up this morning with mascara on. And then I promptly went to the bathroom and put my contacts in. No glasses for two consecutive days in a row. I haven't done that since mid-June. ... Gosh, it's nice to look in a mirror and see myself looking back at me. Short of the angry red scar on my neck (where they punched a hole in my jugular), I am as good as new.

And goodness gracious, do I have big eyes. ... I'd forgotten how much bigger they are when I have makeup on.

Almost big enough that I can tell myself that I look like my grammy.


Other random things I haven't done in six weeks: my hair and my nails. I realized on Wednesday, when the perma-bun started to bug, that my hair had been in a bun since June 21st, save two days (one of which, it was in a braid). I painted both my fingernails and toenails the night before I had surgery. Jo took me for a pedicure about three weeks ago, but my fingernails have been barely scraping by (pardon the pun) on six week old nail polish.

I stripped my old nail polish off this morning and repainted all ten of my fingernails. My hair is down. My contacts are in. I have mascara on. ... I may not FEEL exactly like my old self, but I'm (finally) starting to look like her again, and I'll take a win wherever I can find one.