Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19 - Evening

I came home from the grocery store tonight and saw this as I turned the corner and came around to the stairs leading up to my apartment:

That's right. It's a bouquet of flowers. (What you can't see is that they were standing up against my door, in a water bottle that had been cut in half. That's my bad for having poor photography skillz.)

As I walked up the stairs, I noticed that there were little pink spots all over my door:

How sweet are my brother Spencer and his wife, Brea? I love them!

Here, I'll show you a smattering of the notes up close:


I love them.

Honestly, I have the most incredible family. And the most incredible friends. ... And have come into contact with the most incredible strangers over the past few months.

I am surrounded by good and kind and loving people.

I am amazed.

In semi-related news, I put another batch of Thank You notes in the mail again today. (There goes another book of stamps!)

Speaking of being surrounded by the most incredible family, friend and (former) strangers, I sent cards out in to world to:

Rhode Island
And, again, my own hometown and the greater Phoenix area

That was the end of my PayPal Thank You cards. (Yeah, I've categorized my Thank You's. I had to, otherwise it was too overwhelming.)

I thought it would be interesting to note that, among the PayPal donations I've received in the last three months, almost half of them came from people who've never met me. Twenty-one of forty-seven donations came from names I had never heard before I sent a plea for help out into the Universe on June 16th. As I have told many of you, I always knew that my friends were incredible, generous, kind and loving people. It turns out that the friends of my friends are no less awesome than my friends are.

It has been such an overwhelming exercise in gratitude and humility, to see and feel such an outpouring of love over the past few months. I have sent mail out to three foreign countries, and I'm gonna guess half of the 50 states. 

People are good, and I love them.