Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19

It was the crack heard around the world, I am pretty sure.

I've been wearing my binder (again) since last week when PT advised that I get a really wide Ace bandage to wrap my lower back with, lest I hurt myself any more while I was sleeping. (I figured, why buy a 10 inch Ace bandage when I am the proud owner of six - count them, six - abdominal binders from prior surgeries?)

So, I've been wearing my binder to bed. On Saturday, I did something to my stomach that has had me hoping against hope that it's just a pulled muscle or overcompensation against my back not working. (Read: The right side of my stomach has felt like I am coming apart at the seams - literally. And what I do NOT want/need in my life is another hernia, thanks.) The abdominal pain led me to wear my binder pretty much all day Sunday. Monday, I took it off to go to work for five hours and almost died from the pain. I came home and put it right back on. Yesterday morning, I got up, got dressed, strapped it on and went to work. I came home, hotter than you can imagine. (Five layers, people. One of them being a 10 inch wide band of elastic pressed right up against my body. All day long.) But it was worth it, because not once yesterday did I feel like my insides were trying to push through my outsides. I didn't take it off for even a minute yesterday. All day and night long, I kept myself wrapped up like a little sausage.

This morning, I got out of bed, happy not to have any immediate abdominal pain on first movement. Headed for the shower, I ripped off the velcro keeping myself held together and that's when I heard (and felt it)...


And... there went my back.

Last week, it was a musculature issue. Now, it's a bone issue.

Fan-freaking-tastic. (By which I mean: Craptastic!)

My birthday is next month. Do you think someone might get me a new body?