Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26

For those of you who may have thought I was exaggerating about the hair loss, I give you my most recent haul:

That's six brush-fulls of hair, kids. SIX.

Last time I washed my hair and then brushed it, that's what came out. (Good thing I only do that twice a week, eh?)

Please allow me to draw your attention to the fact that this hairball is filling my hand. FILLING my giant, man-sized hand.

Also, for any of who who have exclaimed, "Really? You have gray in your hair?! I've never noticed" when I have complained to you about my old lady hair, all I can say back is, "LIAR!" ... There's all manner of gray in my hair, as is evidenced by the contrast of silver against chocolate in this cantaloupe-sized hairball. (It filled half of my bathroom trash bin, people. Literally HALF of the garbage in my bathroom is hair.)