Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16

Here is the latest and greatest PT report:

My shoulder still doesn't work. She's even more sure now that it's related to my missing guts. ... Too bad I can't grow new guts on my left side. I'm starting to think that might be easier than physical therapy.

Also, I'm having some SI joint issues. I've been tasked with hitting the maternity department at Target, looking specifically for the belt that fastens twice. I need something (beyond the binder) that I can wrap around my lower back to give me strength that I don't have on my own. ... I heart eating Target's popcorn for dinner, so stopping there on my way home from work tomorrow shouldn't be a problem.

Furthermore, it appears that the issues I'm having with my right shoulder blade may be impacting the upper trap connection and giving me headaches. (Fantastic!) My left shoulder and curve of my neck froze up today during one of the stretches (my body loves to compensate/cheat when the muscle group I'm trying to work isn't functioning), so Miss Lee took some time to rub that side of my neck and see if she could work that out. As her thumb went up the inside of my neck, my head was suddenly in a vice and I almost screamed out loud. I've had some serious headaches for the past week or so, and in the last two days have had tingling sensations in my left arm, so I asked her if that area could be linked to a migraine headache. (I don't get a full-blown migraine very often, but when I do, it manifests very much like a stroke. First I tingle, and then I lose all sensation on that side of my body. I lose motor function and language until the meds kick in. I haven't had a really bad one in over five years, but the headaches, neck pain and recent tingling have me a little concerned.) When I told her exactly where it hurt for her to push, she said "Oh, that doesn't surprise me, because that nerve is connected to your upper traps, and we know those aren't working right." ... Fantastic.

Oh, and I am showing symptoms of low iron/anemia. I may or may not have (read: definitely did) almost fall down twice in PT today. The first time, I was getting up off the bed after the last round of brutal stretches and just fell/leaned against a wall when I started to tip over. The second time, I was trying to do a stretch she had modeled, using the counter as a holding spot, and I lost my balance and pitched forward, catching myself by putting my hands on my knees. Neither of these moments surprised me at all. I have been a faller for years, and esp lately, have had a hard time keeping my balance. I have chalked my recent lack of balance and general tipsy-ness up to being tired all the time. ... Turns out I may be tired all the time because I might not have enough iron in my blood. (Getting that checked tomorrow.) Also, my blood pressure is a little low. (Got that checked today.)

Lee, my sweet little torture chamber lady (aka: physical therapist), has some concerns. I mean, it's no good for anyone to be anemic, it is true, but with my oral surgery next week, she wants to make darn sure that if and when I lose some blood, I'll still be okay. Bless her for that.

I have an appointment with my primary care doctor tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure she'll do a general blood work up. Miss Lee is going to talk to Dr. S, another doctor at MD, and see if she can't get me in this week, too. Lee's concern goes beyond making sure that I have enough in my blood now, she wants to make sure that I have the supplements I'll need for next week (and possibly beyond) when I won't be able to get nutrients from food - as I won't be able to chew/eat like a normal person after having my wisdom teeth out.

The good news is, I may have validation on being so tired all the time. I mean, I've been tired for A LONG TIME. Like, years. My little body has been through the ringer and back with all the surgeries, so I tend to fall back on "recovering from surgery" as the reason for being too tired to do all the things I want to do. Turns out there's a very real possibility that part of why I'm so tired is that something is missing in my blood. That's not really what a girl wants to hear, but the good news is that there is something that can be done if it's my blood. Viva la supplements! ... Here's hoping they can give me something that'll work, and fast. Because it's only Tuesday and I'm so tired that I literally almost fell over (twice) this afternoon, and I've been down flat since I got home from PT. I have too much to do this week - oh, and for the rest of my life - to be this tired all the time.

Stay tuned for further updates.