Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2

An update on my last PT appointment:

I can now lift six pounds at a time. That's right. I can bench six pounds. (Six. Single digit. ... But it's better than when I could only lift one pound, a time which I very clearly remember, from the not-so-distant past. So, I'll take it.)

While I'm bragging, I'll go on and tell you that I can do five reps with the six pound bar before my right arm collapses.

That's right, I can lift six pounds over my head five times in succession. It's the big time, folks.

And now I will tell you a funny story about how lame I am. (You will love this, I am sure.)

I was talking to a friend at work about how TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE one of my PT exercises is. I described it to her as having to lie on my stomach, with my hands at my side. I then have to stretch/reach straight down as far as I can and then lift my arms (and, here's the real kicker - no pun intended - legs) up from the bed/floor until they're at a 20 degree angle with my body. (The goal is closer to a 30 degree angle. The reality is closer to a 10 degree angle. ... I am a weakling.)

As I was describing this exercise and how IMPOSSIBLE it would be for ANYONE to do it, let alone me, with my clipped wing and non-existent stomach muscles, she squinted up at me and said, "Actually, that's a real exercise. It's called the Superman, I think. People do it at the gym all the time."

Huh. So much for thinking it would be impossible for anyone to do this exercise. ... Turns out "gym people" do it all the time. (Remind me to never go to the gym. I prefer living in a world where it's awesome to be able to lift six pounds at a time and it's okay to modify simple stretches, thanks.)