Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26

In the way of daily updates, I give you a 3/4 smile (which is the closest I've come to a full smile since Monday morning at 8:03 AM):

Like I said, it's not a full smile. - And it's a crooked/lopsided smile at that. Hooray for having one side of my mouth more sore/swollen than the other! - But at least I can part my lips now.

My chin's looking pointy again, but my neck is still all manner of swollen and if you look closely, you can see that I'm looking a little "jowly". I don't have chipmunk cheeks up high anymore, but I certainly look like I'm packing food for the winter right behind my chin.

Another overnight development (I swear, my face changes shape every time I sleep) - bruising.

I am officially ugly. Look, I will show you:

The puffy jowls I'm sporting? Not only are they swollen, they are also a nice blue-ish green. I have discoloration from just above my jawbone, down through the middle of my neck. Super hot, right?

(Does it crack anyone else up, all the seriously hideous pics and poses I'm posting this week? Honestly, this picture could not be any less flattering. Please don't think I don't know this is not a good look for me.)

Between catnaps on the couch, in my bed or the recliner (anywhere I sit still for 5 minutes or more) and force-feeding myself mashed potatoes and gravy, I am either holding a heat pack to my face or massaging the muscles in my jaw. (Actually touching my face hurts like the devil, but I have been told that's the best thing I can do to relieve tension and ultimately make sure I heal as quickly as possible. And we all know that I believe in doing what my doctors tell me to do, even when I hate doing it.)