Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9 - Dinnertime

I made dinner.

That's right. I totally George Foreman'd (I do so love to make up verbs) a pork chop tonight. It smelled and looked delicious.

I sat down with my beautiful, fantastic smelling dinner and bowed my head to say a little prayer. As per my usual routine, I thanked God for the food, for the opportunity I have to live in a time and place where such incredible, fresh, food is available. And then I thanked Him for the energy to cook it myself.

And then I ate. And the angels sang.

The dishes are done. The kitchen's been cleaned up.

And now I am exhausted and need to lie down.

But I had enough energy to get through a work day AND make myself something for dinner before I crashed. Improvement is improvement, no matter how incremental.