Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6

Get this.

I've had three (count them, three) people ask me in the last five (yeah, I said five) days ask me how much weight I've lost.



That's right, folks. I'm here to tell you, I have lost weight on the all-you-can-eat-cream-with-anything-you-can-justify-pouring-it-on/in diet.

I have no idea how much weight I've lost (because I do not own a scale), but apparently I'm slimming down while I pour that heavy cream right down the hatchet. (Crazy, right? The first person who asked me about it, I laughed at. Then, two days later, I put on a dress that I had worn three weeks before - and it fit totally differently than it had the last time I'd worn it. As in, it was loose. Oddly, so are my work pants.)

Go figure.

And like going through two quarts of cream in two weeks isn't enough of a reason to lighten up, I introduce you to my new favorite seasonal friend:

White chocolate with peppermint M&M's.

Holeeeeee crap, are they delicious!

I cannot stop eating them. (Actually, to use the correct tense, I could not stop eating them. I had to get to the bottom of the bag to make myself stop. Now that they're gone, I should be able to start eating like a responsible grownup again.)