Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8

I got the most unexpected (and amazing, and totally awesome) package in the mail.

Seriously. Unexpected. Amazing. And totally awesome.

I picked up my regular mail, and was surprised to see a little "we left a package for you in the office" slip there amongst the bills and political mailings.

When I went to the office to pick up said box, I was surprised to see the return address. Romney/Perez in Louisville, Kentucky. ... Huh, what in the world could Shannie be sending me?

Enter me carrying a fair sized box that weighed next to nothing back to my apartment. As soon as I cut the tape and peeled back the top of the box, I smelled it...


That's right. Fall has a smell.

My old roommate, one of the sweetest people I have ever known and dearest friends I have ever had, sent me Fall in a box.

This is a garbage bag FULL of leaves, stuffed into a box and mailed to a Fall-loving girl who happens to live in a part of Arizona where Fall is celebrated because the temperature goes down to the high 80's, rather than a season of color that ushers in the winter holidays.

Awh, man. I love Fall leaves. But I love my friends (Shannon and Pat, her mom) who walked the streets of Kentuckiana, picking up leaves to send to me, even more.

I have the best life, and the best friends. Ever.

The End.