Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14

I think today may be my favorite day of my life!

It's just barely 7:00 AM, and I've already eaten (yes, in this order): cake batter (red velvet/peppermint), M&M's (white chocolate peppermint - my latest and greatest candy love) and walnut fudge off the wooden spoon I stirred it with.

Man alive, I love this day!

I mean, I'd planned on loving it all along... I took today off work. Just because. That's right. JUST BECAUSE. (Well, actually... because my PTO accrual got a little off track with my medical leave and I ended up with a little extra time that I need to use-or-lose by the end of the month. You've gotta be kidding me if you thought I was gonna LOSE a paid day off!)

So, I took today off. Because I wanted to.

Yesterday at work, I was telling a girlfriend that this is the first day I've had off - just because - all year. Every other day I've taken has either been for medical or to travel/leave town for a family event.

That was a lie.

I repeat, I am a liar.

(Not on purpose, though. ... At least, not about this. ... So that may have been a little harsh.)

Last night, I was thinking about it, and I realized that I had underestimated that time frame.

Kids, I have done a little research, and I am sorry to say that this is the first day I've taken off just because I wanted to, with no concrete plans, no travel arrangements and no familial/holiday commitments in over two years.

That's right. The last time I took time off work just because I wanted to was in October 2010.

Now, I've had days I didn't work, obviously. I'm super lucky to have weekends off and paid holidays and I have been blessed to work for a company that has been really good about letting me work odd hours the weeks I have doctor appointments, so I can meet the 40 hours without working five straight days of 8's.

I am not whining about it having been over two years since I've taken a PTO day just to have a day to play. I am, actually, AMAZED that it has been that long, and incredibly grateful that I've been able to pull it off.

That being said, I am never working two years again without taking a play day. ... You may quote me.

My plans for the day: bake my fool head off (obviously, I already told you what I had for breakfast), get dressed, go to Jo's, by way of McDonald's to pick up The Breakfast of Champions, and watch Christmas movies all day long. ... Until I have to come home and get ready for the two parties I have tonight (see aforementioned cake and fudge -- and you probably thought I'd made all those goodies to eat all by myself!).

This day is awesome. Like I said, it's just barely 7:00 AM and I'm already sugared up. (Not much can ruin a day that starts this full of chocolate-and-peppermint-induced holiday cheer!)

Life is good.

No, life is great, actually. I love it!