Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2

I came home from a meeting at the church this afternoon to a voicemail from the scheduling department at MD Anderson.

Who knew they worked on Sundays?! ... Not me.

My MRI has been scheduled for Thursday at noon.

The message didn't reference a date/time for the follow-up with Dr. H to get the results, so I called scheduling back and left a message, asking if we could move that MRI up in the day, and if I would be able to get the results on Friday. (I am not a fan of  waiting until noon to go in for an MRI. I'm claustrophobic, and the anticipation of the scan about does me in (I'm talking, it's a double dose of Ativan experience). Oh, and I don't want to fast until noon (or 1:00-1:30, most likely). For many, many reasons, it is better for me to have an MRI at 7:00 AM, right after I wake up, before I have time to get obsessive, panicky, and hungry It's not a pretty combination, folks. In fact, it's downright ugly.)

I'm hoping they'll call back tomorrow and confirm that I will get to see my dreamy doctor on Friday, and that they'll let me move that MRI, but worst case scenario...

The MRI is Thursday.

Deep breath.

By this time next week, I should know exactly what that little hotdog-shaped (and sized) growth in my back is all about.