Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23

Today may have been one of my favorite days of my life.

It's up there in the Top Ten, for sure!

Why? Because it is Christmas. And I am home. (I love it here!)

Kate, Mom and I sang Hark, the Herald in the Christmas program this morning. (My voice only cracked one time. I'm considering that a win. ... Not sure if the congregation would agree with me, but I know my history and the fact that I was able to sing loud and fairly high for two verses and only had one minor fail is pretty good, considering.)

I was able to visit with friends I grew up with who were also home for Christmas, and hug all my sweet little old ladies in 1st Ward before I went to RS, where my mom taught the lesson. (Read: Where we sang Christmas hymns for almost the entire hour.)

After our block was over, we headed home for a quick lunch, and then Mom and I ran across town so I could go to the ward I grew up in. (My parents' ward was divided just over five years ago and the bulk of our original ward was thrown into the 8th ward when The Stake President Who Shall Not Be Named redrew the boundaries.)

I had decided a couple weeks ago that my Christmas present to myself was going to be going to 8th ward, and it was exactly the perfect thing to give myself. We walked into the chapel and there was Pam Craner, saying "Welcome home!", as she threw an arm around me. ... And it did feel like going home. I love those people!

I hugged more people in an hour than I have in... oh, probably the last year combined (I'm not even kidding). I said (and heard) more "I love you's" than I can count.

After church, we picked up Katie and the three of us caroled our way through the neighborhood. We were out for hours, visiting and singing with our friends.

Tonight, Mom and I were talking, and she said it had been great to be able to see me with my people. (She called them that, "my people".) They are mine. All of the people I visited with today, in all of the places that I saw them. I love them, and they love me.

I love so very many people. I've been blessed, my whole life, to be surrounded by fantastic, kind, good-hearted people, but these people... They are the support system of my childhood, my adolescence, my late twenties and my early thirties. They are part of who I am. I love them!

I love this day.

I love my life!