Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8

I love this time of year!

I do.


I love that I have a perfect excuse to make fudge (often, multiple times a week). I love the smell of spices when Jenni's grandma's ginger molasses cookies are baking in my oven. I love the lights on my tree, and the perfect excuse to snuggle up with a blanket and watch two (or more) Christmas movies in a row.

Christmas movies bring me joy.

Not just momentary happiness.  I'm talking real, actual J-o-y.

I love them!

I love the memories that come flooding back every time I watch White Christmas. My mom and I used to watch that on Christmas morning, on the couch in the family room, with a bag of Cheetos between us, after everyone else had gone back to bed. We'd cry and we'd sing and we'd laugh and then we'd cry again. (As for me and my house, "We'll follow the old man wherever he wants to go!")

I love that I can't watch Miracle on 34th Street without texting my cousins and trading movie quotes across state lines. I love that Julie used to try and make me throw rocks at the old BY Academy and make a wish, like it was the old Granville house. (I never did it, only because I knew I didn't have the upper arm strength to clear the ten foot chain link fence, let alone hit a window.)

I love how quotable Christmas movies are!

"I like to smile. Smiling's my favorite."

"... latent maniacal tendencies"

"In some ways, you're far superior to my cocker spaniel."

"I'm Linda Mason."

"Ask Dad. He knows."

"Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind."

I've been on a steady all-holiday-movies-all-the-time diet since Thanksgiving day, and it has been a delight and a joy to have had a steady stream of merry media playing in my living room. I own all of my favorites on dvd, of course, but when I need to inject some new holiday-themed movie blood into my life, I stream something through the beloved blu-ray. (Don't get me wrong, Netflix has a lot of laaaaaame Christmas movies in their arsenal, but some of them are decent. And a few of them are really quite good!)

I love this time of year. I love fudge and I love cookies. I love the sights and the smells of the season, and the sound of Salvation Army bells. I love the excuse to wear red every single day of the week and that I have a solid reason to tell everyone I come into contact with that I love them.

Man alive, I love this time of year! ... Now, I think I'll go whip up a batch of cherry-chocolate fudge for dinner. (Listen, it has fruit in it, and fruit's totally good for you!) And then I'm gonna watch a Christmas movie.

I lead a charmed, blessed, happy life, full of chocolate and cheer ... and cheesy Christmas movies ... and I love it!