Monday, January 14, 2013

Q: How cold is it?

A: Cold enough for me to pee my pants.

Yeah, I'm not kidding.

Yesterday, I had three (count them, THREE!) accidents.

Not full blown pee-my-way-through-three-layers-of-clothes-while-I-run-haphazardly-through-a-movie-theater-trying-to-make-my-way-to-the-ladies-room, pee my pants. But still. I had three moments in one day(all of them while I was frantically trying to get my key in the door, so I could run in here and use the potty) that merited a change of panties. .. Yes, like a two year-old.

That's just ridiculous.

I hate the winter and what being cold does to my already weak right ureter/urgent bladder.

(That's right. I just have the one ureter. My body is awesome like that.)

Winter, winter, go away... And come back.