Saturday, February 2, 2013

Laundry Day

I finally did it.

That's right.

It's February, and I did my laundry.

I didn't do laundry once during the whole month of January.

The last time I did laundry was December 20th, actually.

44 days
6 batches of laundry
3 loads of whites
47 pair of underwear

*In my defense, those 3 loads of whites included my sheets and pretty much every blessed towel I own. It's not like I filled three washer drums to the fill with dirty underwear. I just wanted to clarify.

It was a long time coming. Obviously. But the sick thing is, I was nowhere near being out of clothes.

I know that I probably shouldn't show you this, but I'm gonna. (Disclaimer: I know it's excessive. My excuse has always been that when the world ends and we have to go back to the basics, I will barter my clothes for food. That's right, I have a "year's supply" of clothes.) Don't judge.

And that's just the left side of my closet. Here's the right side. ... The kicker is, the right side has two racks of shirts and you can't see the pile of sweaters in the back corner.

And these are the clothes that I didn't have to wash. As in, I had a month and a half (6 weeks and 6 loads) of laundry to wash. ... And I still had all of this, clean, hanging in my closet.

I tell you, if I hadn't been down to the underwear that I truly hate, I could have gone another month. ... I'm thinking I should probably buy more underwear. Like, tomorrow.