Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ding dong, my TV's dead!

Who is happy when their TV dies? ... This girl.

And now it occurs to me that maybe I should have picked those pillows off the floor and thrown them onto the chair - where throw pillows belong - or maybe put that book away, or... I don't know... put even one of those four pairs of shoes in my room before I snapped that pic. But no. I was too thrilled with the fact that I am sitting in a room with a defunct TV to even think of these details.

I've been waiting for this TV to die for years.

Seriously. I bought it for $200 in 1998. (That's right. $200. I think it might have been marked down just a little because it was the floor model at the Sears in Provo.) It was my first "big purchase" in my 20's. (I bought it the same year that I bought the green and maroon plaid loveseat, but I bought the TV first.)

I'm telling you... this TV has seen a lot of mileage. It's lived in two states, three cities and four homes with me.

This TV and I have been through a lot together. I mean, I used to watch The Pretender on this TV. And I just finished Downton Abbey season 3 on this TV. Talk about running the gamut.

This TV saw episodes of Frazier before they were were re-runs. Friends, before Rachel and Ross got together. The Profiler, when it was the scariest show on television.

Like I said, this TV is oooooold. And I've been waiting for it to die. Not so I can buy a new TV, though. Oh, no. I actually have another box TV in my bedroom that I need to switch out with this one. And then I'll start waiting for that one to die, so I can think about buying a TV with the ability to receive digital signal when my second giant, boxy, ridiculously heavy TV goes out.

Now, if I only had someone strong enough - and tech/colored-cord savvy - around here to do the literal heavy lifting and restructuring of my "entertainment system" (such as it is).

Hmmmmm... Maybe I'll call one of my multitude of brothers and barter muffins for physical labor. Wish me luck!

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