Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love this boy.

When my nephews were smaller (and when I was strong enough to pick them up and/or hold them down) we used to play The Kissey Game. (Yup, that was the name of the game. We Evans kids are HUGE on creativity.)

This is how the game was played:

1. One of the boys would bring me my purse.
2. I would take out my darkest lipstick and gloss up.
3. The little boy would run. ... Usually right into a corner. (They all knew that I wasn't fast. Also, they were pretty determined to get caught.)
4. I would smother said boy with kisses, marking his face up with lipstick marks.

Pretty fun game, right?

I know, it sounds pretty lame. (And who wants their aunt to make kissey marks all over their face?! ... But the boys loved the game. Those were good times.)

They're all big now. Too fast for me to have any chance of catching them, and too strong for me to even try to pick up.

But then, them being big comes with it own set of rewards.

I was talking to my sister-in-law tonight, and she told me a story.

It seems that my nephew, Connor, was asked to say a family prayer this afternoon. It's the first Sunday of the month, and they had fasted as a family. Con was asked to say the prayer to close their fast. He wasn't sure what to say, as this wasn't the typical blessing-on-the-food or family-prayer prayer, so his dad talked to him about the purpose of fasting, and asked him what he had fasted for today, thinking that would help give Connor some direction in what to say in his prayer. Con's answer was short and simple. He had fasted because he was thankful that Aunt Laurie doesn't have cancer. ... With a little direction from his father (and my guess is, more than a little bit of emotion... we are a cry-y group), Con said a prayer, and as the voice for his family, thanked Heavenly Father that I'm not sick anymore.

The boy is eight years old, and he went entirely without food/drink for two meals to thank the Lord that I don't have cancer. He did that on his own. Without instruction from his parents. Because he wanted to.

Oh my goodness gracious... I love this boy.

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