Monday, March 11, 2013

In lieu of a comment section.

Ya'll have been cracking me up with the emails, texts and fb posts since I posted a pic of  my beloved Dr. H. It's breaking my heart that you can't all see what the others are saying (I swear, I don't know what's wrong with my comments set up!), so I thought I'd do a special post and share some of these with the group.


"And that picture does not do him justice!" - Jo

"I just read your blog and saw your doc. Dreamy, indeed! I love that Jo invited him to Sunday dinner on your behalf. That's very 'Downton Abbey'! I feel a Mary/Matthew romance blossoming; although your doc looks a little more like the handsome, mysterious Pamuk who dazzled Mary in season one." - Kimmie

"He's very 'Demi, Demi don't leave me!'" - Katie

"I just read your blog and laughed my way through it. You. Are. Awesome. And I love you. And I would come to your wedding for sure." - Cousin Julie

"So is it a conflict of interest for him to date a patient? If not, what exactly is the hold up?" - My Lizzie

"OMG! I think a March wedding sounds wonderful! Just don't take next Monday. That's my anniversary, and I don't like people stealing my thunder. Even you!" - Laura

"Dr. H IS dreamy and I love, love love that he is going to be reading your blog and that you don't care! I love you!" - Cousin Becca

"I just looked up the photo of DreamDoc. HO.LEE. COW!" - Judy W.

"Cute doc!!! I'm crossing my fingers for you...selfishly, that would leave Nathan Fillion for me." - Les

"Wowzers, he IS good looking!!!" - Brea

"When you've got it, you've got it." - Mom (also, TMM)

There you have it, kids. Out of the mouths of ten or more witnesses; I have a hot doctor. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. You know... for a cancer patient. (Just cracked myself up. Eight months cancer-free and counting!)


Rachel said...

Yes! It works!

Katie Gardner said...

It does work! Except, it told me there were no comments and yet, Rachel's is right there above this fun little box I like to call "the comment box". Apparently, you have to approve the comments before they will appear for all to see...I hope you are Laurie and you approve this message from Cousin Katie! :)

Ok, I'll stop rambling now...

Jo said...

Holy Cow! It really does work...and that picture really doesn't do him justice. Just sayin'. ;-)