Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My surrogate in-laws

I may or may not have mentioned that I am single...

Not for lack of trying.

I mean, I've been hounding my friend James to introduce me to his good buddy Nathan Fillion (who, I am sure, would fall head over heels for me on first meeting - based solely on my humor... oh, and if I wore the purple dress, it probably wouldn't hurt), for years now, but it hasn't happened. (Yet.) Not to mention the "I think you should give in and marry me" persistence with my dreamy doctor. Oh, and that time I literally chased a dude out of church and told him that if he asked me out, I wouldn't say no. (I am nothing if not  bold. ...  Listen, dude was 6'4" and had incredible grammar. I was smitten.)

 It's not like I haven't been looking (and/or throwing myself at people) for years... but I have been unable, as yet, to find a mate. Or even a date. (Just kidding. I have had a date. It's just been a while.)

What I'm getting at is... I have no husband. Which means, I have no in-laws.

Not legal, actual in-laws, that is.

But I do have some SWELL surrogate in-laws, thanks to my good friend Jo's excellent taste in people.

(Seriously. Her husband's family is AMAZING. His parents, his sisters. I love them all!)

Jo texted me the other day that the Easter package had come in the mail. (Carol, her mother-in-law, is AWESOME and sends packages for all occasions. The kids always get goodie bags and fun little holiday/seasonal things from her. It's super fun!) ... Well, it seems that there was a little something in the package for ME this year. (Which got comments from both Jo and Dean. "You got something, and we didn't. What's up with that?!")

Would you take a look at that? It's my own little Easter prize!

You can tell, because it has my name on it.

And it was taped shut, so no one knew what was in it, until I went over this afternoon to pick it up. Maggie was curious to see what her grandma had sent me, so she told me to open it right away. (This may have had something to do with her having already eaten her entire stash from Grandma.)

Would you look at that?

Carol knows me so well. She's the best surrogate mother-in-law, EVER!

Cadbury eggs are pretty fantastic when I buy them for my own self, but when someone else buys them for me? ... They increase in deliciousness.

I tell you what, my surrogate in-laws are so awesome, I don't know how I'll ever be able to trade them in for the real thing. (You know, unless my future MIL is the kind of woman who will continue to ply me with quality chocolate. Then I'm pretty sure I could find a way to cope.)

Thanks, Carol! You're my favorite! Just like these eggs are my favorite. (Only, I wouldn't eat you right up. So, maybe you're not my favorite "just like" these eggs are my favorite. But still, you're my favorite. Truly!)

Happy Easter, kids! ... I love my life!


Myra said...

Before I started paleo I downed TWO bags of Cadbury mini eggs, and a bag of peanut butter m&m eggs (because they are better at Easter time). Thus the no sugar/chocolate in March. But, tell you what, come April 1, I will be eating a whole bag, by myself, in one sitting. And really, what woman can't eat a whole bag in a sitting? I have yet to find one.

PS...don't fall for the Cadbury mini eggs in dark chocolate. They suck. Major.

Laurie said...

Tell me about it, My! I looooove Cadbury. I looooo dark chocolate. Somehow, the combination of the two is a serious fail!

Now, Dove dark chocolate eggs?! Be still, my beating heart. I love them. Big time!

Laurie said...

"Looooo" s/b "looooove".

Someone can't text. ("Someone" would be me.) #awesome