Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Lord is my Shepherd

Today was an excellent church day.

I mean, excellent.

The speakers in Sacrament Meeting gave well-written and applicable talks. Sunday School was full of comments/conversation and not one single one of them was out in left field. (As I am a non-sporty girl, I'm not sure I just used that metaphor correctly, but what I'm trying to say is... sometimes Sunday School can get a little crazy with the comments from the peanut gallery. Today was not one of those days. It was awesome.) We had treats in Relief Society - and then the YW pulled Cassidy and me into the kitchen after church and we got to have treats again.

Like I said, today was an excellent church day.

And one of my favorite parts of church today was that we sang hymn #108.

Man alive, I love to sing. (I am not always awesome at it, but I do loooooove to sing.) The soprano line in The Lord is my Shepherd is a little challenging, but that's part of why it's fun. I got through the first two verses, just fine, but then I choked when I got to the third.

Some days, the words in these old, familiar, hymns hit me so hard that I am left breathless.

"In the midst of affliction, my table is spread. With blessings unmeasured, my cup runneth o'er."

I can't even type those words without tearing up.

For me, in my life, those words are literal.

In the midst of affliction, my table was spread. The blessings in my life cannot be measured. My cup runneth so far over that I don't even have words.

I have more gratitude that I can articulate - to the Lord, to anyone, for the multitude of amazing people whose lives have intersected with mine. I have always been blessed with good friends. I have always been grateful for my association with incredible people, for the awesome friends and family who are part of my life - part of me.

But on days like today, when the words of a hymn hit home and remind me how incredibly blessed my life truly is, the swell of gratitude is almost too much to bear.

Thank you. To the Lord, to the original 13 (and the 4 more who've joined the readership ranks in the last several months), to my family, to my friends, to the universe... Thank you. For everything.

"Oh, what shall I ask of thy providence more?"



Amy J said...

I love you Laurie. What I love about this post is that in the midst of your trials, you have shown us with your graceful management of it all that they lyrics to that song are true. :)

Superjulie said...

The best part of going to church with you was hearing you sing. One of my goals in my life, before I grow up, is to sit in church with you and your mother and I'll just sit and listen. And cry.