Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Story of my life...

So, back in December, I was trying to master peppermint fudge.

Which is not to say that I haven't been making peppermint fudge for years. I so have been. But I came up with this new PB fudge where I stacked Reese's cups between layers of fudge (I'm not going to lie... it was pretty fantastic) and it made me think that maybe I should play with my peppermint fudge and see if I could improve it.

I chopped Andes' mints and layered them between and on top of fudge (good... really pretty, but not minty enough). I added minty M&M's to the mix (adorable, with the holiday colors, but the fudge slid right off the candy shell... not so cute when a piece of fudge can't its shape).

And then I had what I was pretty sure the best idea of all time.

York. Peppermint. Patties. Stacked. Between. Layers. Of. Fudge.

It sounds good, right?

But it wasn't.

The peppermint patties made the fudge too... fudgey. It was kind of thick and chewy. And weird.

The flavor was good, and it was beautiful, with the dark chocolate layered against the white/peppermint. But the consistency was off, so I didn't make it again. Instead, I stashed the rest of the bag (the "family-sized bag", mind you) in my pantry and went about my business. ("My business" being that of forgetting the peppermint patties existed, and eating all the M&M's and Cadbury eggs in my house while I was on that stupid no-candy-buying binge from January through March.)

I ran across the half-empty bag the other day. It was like Christmas all over again.

And now... they're gone. Because I have, like, negative self control when it comes to candy.

Story of my life.


Super Sara said...

You need to get some mint kitcats from Beth. They are wonderful just by themselves. Maybe you could melt them down and then mix them with your fudge, not layer them.

Super Sara said...

You need to get some mint KitKats from Beth. They are delicious just by themselves.
You could melt them down and mix them with your fudge.

Amy J said...

I have Colette's recipe for Peppermint Patties. Maybe the filling would work for fudge. Here's the recipe:
1 lb. powdered sugar
3 T. softened butter or marg.
2-3 tsp. peppermint extract
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 c. evaporated milk
2 c. (12 oz.) semisweet choc. chips
2 T. shortening

Combine first 4 ingredients. Add milk and mix well. Roll into 1 inch balls and place on waxed paper lined cookie sheet. Chill for 20 minutes. Flatten w/ a glass to 1/4 inch. Chill for 30 minutes. In a double broiler or microwave-safe bowl, melt chocolate chips and shortening. Dip patties. Place on waxed paper to harden. (I have always had a hard time getting the chocolate to harden without putting it in the freezer.)

Whitney said...

This is the second "I forgot I had candy in my pantry" story I've heard in as many days. I'm confused.

Laurie said...

What you need to know, Whit, is that I keep candy in no less than five different places. At all times.

Sometimes I get so busy eating the candy on the table, or in the cupboard, or in the freezer that I forget what I have stashed in the pantry...

Speaking of which... Aunt Sara, please don't think that Bethy doesn't love me enough to nring/send me mint Kit Kats. She does. I'm just out, currently. (See the above reference to freezer candy. That's where all my good European candy goes.) :-)

Laurie said...

Nring = bring.

Don't worry about me and my inability to type. I just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap and I'm a little foggy. It'll get better. (I hope!)