Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Because I haven't posted a pic of my left eye in quite some time...

Also, because I wanted to show you all my fabulously wrinkly forehead.

Oh, and my new GRAY STREAK!


Remember when I was losing all that hair back in September and October? Well... It's come back in.

My once-straggly mop of hair is back to being a bushy-bushy-bon-hair-do. It's a little out of control, actually. I pull it up or back pretty much every day, and it never ceases to amaze me how freaking much hair I have, how big my bun is.

And all those brown hairs that fell out of my head? They've grown back in gray. Every blessed one of them. .I have gray at my temples, and an INSANE gray streak above my left eye. Every time I pull my hair back into a bun, I remind myself more than a little of a certain Disney villainess:

Do you see it?

Same gray streaks. Same pinched face. Same scowl. Same narrow little face and high-necked blouse...

The Wicked Stepmother and I are basically the same person. (Just cracked myself up, btw. Mostly with the high-necked blouse comment.) Ha!


Superjulie said...

Just cracked me up, too. Too bad that's the only crack I have to show. No cleavage for me.

Jenni said...

Funny. I actually AM the wicked step mother!