Friday, May 17, 2013

State of the Union Report

I've had a few calls and texts in the last week or so, asking how I'm feeling these days. (It seems that my not constantly barraging you all with news of what I can/cannot eat and/or telling you stories about how I'm down to only having to hold one side of the railing as I go up and down the stairs has led you to wonder if I'm doing better... or if I'm just too tired to be writing these days.)

The good news: I am, in fact, feeling much better. I have more energy and stamina than I've had in... well... a couple years, actually. (I remember feeling like this in December of 2010.)

The bad news: Having more energy and stamina has led to me over committing myself. I've been keeping myself busier than I have in months, which is wearing me out. (Much like what happened in December of 2010, I keep booking myself to do dinner or a movie after work. And then the next day I do it again. And then the next day I do it again. ... And then the next day, my right ear starts to hurt, my tonsils swell up and my body lands me flat in bed and I sleep for a straight 10 hours. It's a vicious cycle - but it sure is a lot of fun on the "up" days!)

Mid-March, I started to notice that my energy level was coming up. Smack in the middle of the third week of March that I realized that I didn't need to lie down right when I got home from work. Since then, I've made dinner (actual dinner - not just noodles) at least ten times. And I've vacuumed my apartment. Once. (HA!) My energy level hasn't gone up since March - but it has held steady, which is saying something. (Other than when I push too hard, too fast, for too many days. But that's my own fault - and the perk of the cycle is that I can justify naps like nobody else I know!)

While I still don't have the upper body strength to open a door with the same arm that's holding a bag full of groceries, my core strength is improving. I can tell because (drumroll please...), in the last week I've started rolling over in my sleep. That's right. I've been waking up on the other side of the bed. And that, people, is seriously impressive, because moving in my sleep is something that stopped after my first surgery - in 2010.

I still have residual pain that I'm pretty sure is scar tissue. I still get stiff and sore if I sit, lie, or stand in the same position for too long. I still get tired faster than I think anyone my age should poop out.

But I am stronger than I was. I feel better than I have in several months (like, 27 of them). And that gives me hope.

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