Friday, June 14, 2013

The Results

Because it's late (and I'm super tired - see multiple blog posts over the last couple weeks, detailing my inability to get a solid, decent night's sleep), this won't be long...

But for those of you who aren't on the immediate family phone tree, texting aficionados, or FB friends to have seen the news....



I'm one week short of being a full year cancer-free, but I'm still counting it as a year.

I've been cancer-free for a year. ... That is all that I've wanted since, oh... about 2 seconds after I found out about my second tumor in February 2011. (Effective immediately: All I want is to be cancer-free for 18 months. Oh, and maybe some peanut butter/chocolate ice cream.)

When Dr. H gave me the news, he told me that I needed to shout it from the rooftops, so...


Tomorrow, or maybe Sunday or Monday (once I've had some time to catch up on some sleep), I'll do more of an official update. (By which I mean: a full report of the conversation had between doctor and patient this afternoon. It was a doozy. Be looking forward to that.)

For now, this short little post with all manner of all-capped and fragmented sentences will have to convey my joy at the results of this scan, my gratitude towards doctors who tried a different approach - and saved my life - and the awesome people out there (the original 13 and beyond) who've cared enough to keep tabs on me.

I love my life. ... I always have. ... But knowing that my pants don't fit anymore because I've been eating too much cake? Oh, man... That's, like, a whole new level of loving my life!

Today has been a great day.

I am happy.

I am humbled.

I am grateful. So, so, grateful...

I am cancer-free.