Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three pounds

I may have mentioned this, but... My pants don't fit.

At all.

I mean... I can no longer fasten them. (This is a new development, as of this week.) It's okay. I'm not going naked, I promise. I have, like, 30 dresses in my closet and I truly prefer dresses to pants in the summertime, anyway.

So it's all good that my pants don't fit.

My concern is that they weighed me when I went in for my scan on Tuesday, and I only weigh 3 lbs more than I did at my last scan. (In my head, I was figuring it'd be more like 15-20 lbs difference, because I know how much weight I generally have to gain/lose to move a size.)

I know that there are several explanations for why my body has changed so much, and my actual weight hasn't ... uh ... changed so much.

Weight shifts. Bodies change. Stuff happens. ... To name just a few. (Super technical with that "stuff happens", I know. Maybe I should be a doctor.)

But what I know about my body changing and my weight not fluctuating with the changes makes me a little nervous.

To comfort myself, I will choose to focus on my double chin. Surely, since I have jowls again, these extra 3 pounds are nothing more than S'more Dip and Hershey's Kisses gone awry, having settled directly into the line of my zipper - and nothing more.

Surely... That's the explanation. (Darn S'more dip!)

One more day. (Well, one and a half, if we're gonna get technical. But still, one more day and I'll know.)

Breathe, Evans.

Breathe, and pinch your chubby little cheeks, and you'll be okay. (How do you like that mantra? I came up with it myself. I know, I'm such an inspiration.)

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Jenni said...

And take a thousand selfish of your double chin and post one. That's BOUND to help!