Saturday, July 13, 2013

Too much of a good thing

Do you know what this is?

Yup. Cherries. 20 POUNDS of cherries.

Well, at this point, it's more like 10 lbs of cherries. (Because I've dealt with half the box.) But that's still A LOT of fruit for one person!

This is how this happened: My AWESOME friend Emily orders fruit by the box from the great state of Utah. (And Utah is a great little produce producer. Best cherries and peaches EVER!) The cherries were $30 for a 20 lb box. You heard me, $1.50 a pound. (That's awesome, right?!) So, I ordered a 20 lb box and planned on splitting it with Jo when it came in. Too bad Jo took her own self (and 80% of her cherry-eating young) to Utah last week, and the cherries didn't come in until yesterday.

The good news: Now I have 20 lbs of cherries all to myself.
The bad news: Now I have 20 lbs of cherries all to myself.

I've already frozen two cookie sheets full of them, and given a gallon ziploc-ful away... I have another ziploc in my fridge, you've seen the box on my counter, and this is what's in my sink:

Good thing I like them....

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