Monday, August 19, 2013

Do Re Mi

I went to a fireside last night. (I know, recreational church. Like a crazy person.) And I sang. To clarify: I sang a couple congregational hymns. It's not like I sang a solo from the mic or anything. Anyway, I sang. I sat between two people I hadn't ever met before (dudes, both taller than me - wahoo!), and I sang my little heart out. And after the meeting, both men told me that I had a nice voice. Which, in and of itself, is a nice compliment. But I'm writing about it, because it reminded me of last Sunday, when my Lizzie went to church with me. (Liz moved to Prescott last October, and is temporarily back in town because she has a little one at Phoenix Children's.) On the walk home from church last week, Liz said something about how she could tell that I'm feeling better, and how great it is that I can sing again. I love my Lizzie. I love that she knows me well enough to know that a) I couldn't sing for a while there, and b) that was hard for me. It's totally awesome to be able to sing again. ... It took over a year, and I can't hit anything over an E, but I can hit an E again. And I'm not gasping for breath anymore. And my voice doesn't just give out if I try to hold a note for a full measure. Life is good. I mean, it always has been... but it sure seems better when I can sing High on the Mountain Top with vigor.