Monday, August 5, 2013

Our wild (WILD!) weekend

As you may recall, I baked up a bunch of sugar cookies last week.

Like the dutiful sister/daughter that I am, I took a couple tupperwares full of leftovers home for the weekend.

Katie was pretty stoked. It had been while since she'd had the beloved sugar cookies:

Later, Saturday afternoon, we took a family trip over to the Taylor Bashas, home of the $2 two scoop, and Mom and I got matchy-matchy ice cream cones.

Sunday morning, we woke up, went to church... And then Mom had A FREAKING HEART ATTACK.

I only wish I was kidding.

She'd been tired that morning - having woken up early, like a kid on Christmas, excited about her RS lesson. (I kid you not. We Evans girls heart teaching and public speaking.) 

The VERY CLEAR upside is, even when Judy's been taken out of the house on a stretcher, she's smiling for the camera. (I know, we're a little sick, but Kate and I were following her - and the EMT's - with our cameras throughout the entire ambulance pick-up. If there's one thing we know about Mom, it's that she'd want us to take full advantage of a photo op.) *She's doing well. No permanent damage. With some diet modifications, she should be good as new in no time. (Good thing we got those double decker cones THE DAY BEFORE the big event, eh?)