Sunday, September 29, 2013


Today was one of those Sundays when I just wanted to stay home and read. My spirit and my body fought a small battle between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00. At around 8:30, I swallowed hard, got myself up off the couch and walked back to my room to find a skirt.

I'm not sure if that means that my body won, or my spirit won... but I went to church.

And, as is usually the case (esp when I have an inner war waging about whether or not I should suck it up and go to church like a good little Mormon), I ended up being glad that I went.

We had a special class today on the new Family Search site, and they passed out these handy-dandy little fill-in-the-blanks-and-write-your-own-life-history pamphlets.

I'm a fan.

They also asked a series of general family history questions:

Where did your parents go to high school? (Escondido, CA)

How did your parents meet? (My dad came to do a presentation on Institute and the Seminary teacher set them up. ... Unbelievably, I'm spacing her name right now, but I know that she made really good brownies. I think they were called pottage.)

Where did your grandparents grow up? (Tempe, AZ, Joplin, MO, Logan, UT and Berkeley, CA ... I think)

Do you know of a history of illness/untimely death in your extended family? (Yup. ... Kate.)

It made me happy to know that I knew the answers to so many questions off the top of my head. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for telling us stories. You guys rock!)

And, as people kept talking, sharing their family stories and experiences, I started to remember more of my own:

My mom's cousin David, who became my friend through having read my blog last summer.

Texting my cousins, across state lines, quoting old movies -- esp at Christmastime.

Grammy and Grandad's vhs tapes with three movies per tape.

Grandpa's Red Eye Gravy.

My mom's sisters showing up after my first surgery.

Homemade ice cream.

Uncle Jeff with his 36" pizzas that he used to bring over on Sunday afternoons.

Vegetable lasagna and Kathy's fruit salad.

Ping and Wally.

Frozen Milky Ways and Root Beer on the front porch with Grandma.

So many memories. So many incredible people who've blessed my life. So many shared experiences that have bonded me to the people I love more than I can articulate.

I am grateful. I love my family,and I am glad they are mine. Forever.

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