Thursday, November 21, 2013


So, I got Henry's picture taken this morning. He's getting pretty big. The ultrasound tech talked me through what I was seeing on the screen (as much as she legally could, anyway... the true report has to come from the radiologist after looking at the films) and at the end she drew a line on the screen from one corner of Henry to the other.

Five centimeters, kids.

That's roughly as much as I lost of my diaphragm last summer. (Read: A lot. AKA: Henry's a growing boy.)

She wouldn't let me take any pics of the screen (you know I always want to do that), which was sort of a bummer. Hopefully, when my doctor gets the results and has me come in for the official lowdown, she'll let me snap some pics of m'boy.

Because my sweet doc is on a snail mail delivery system (why they don't email, I do not know), it'll take 3 days or so to get the results. ... Hopefully, by Wednesday of next week. We'll see.

In the meanwhile, I'll continue to lie down a lot. Because that doesn't hurt.

Interesting sidenote: I stood through the entire ultrasound. Crazy, right? I've never done THAT before! Also, I was on a total fast. No food or liquid for 6 hours prior to the ultrasound. I've always had to drink, like, two 32 oz sodas bottles of water prior to lying down on a bed while they pushed a rolly ball around on my tummy. It made sense, once she explained it to me (the hernia bulges more when I'm standing - when I lie down, it sort of disappears into the mass of squish that is my tummy - so she'd get better pics of the little dude if I was on my feet), but still... interesting, no?

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