Friday, December 6, 2013

Live Reporting from MD Anderson

Streaming live, I bring you the news from the office shared by H and G: The  PET shows I'm still cancer-free.


Merry Christmas to me!

I was able to con an actual  hug from Homsi (double Merry Christmas to me!), and while I told him that I am NOT going to invite him to Sunday dinner anymore (he's told me no twice), I'd be happy to be his escort through the Gilbert temple open house. (He's thinking of holding a reality show where he chooses his temple escort/date through a series of rose ceremonies. He told me I'd have to participate as a contestant, but he could tell me that I'd start pretty high on the chain.)

Henry will be sticking around for a while. I'm on a doctor-ordered Spanx routine again. G wants me to try some lifestyle modifications (including wearing a binder and/or supportive underwear), to see if that helps with pain. While he COULD cut Henry out of me, it's not a surgery without its risks... so he wants to put it off as long as possible. G did recommend that I find a physical therapist/masseuse to help with my weird charlie horse pain under my left ribs. I'm hoping against hope that I'll be able to come back to Lee here at MD.

So, no cancer. Yay! But I'm keeping Henry for the next several months. ... Good thing I already decided to be friends with him, eh?


Judy said...

Wahoo is right! I am thrilled and finally letting my breath out. I've been holding it for some time. Thank heavens for prayer, our Father in Heaven's plan for each of us, and the power of the priesthood on earth. I like referring to all of that by its true terminology rather than thanking the Universe. I'm SO glad you're cancer free. Cancer is nasty, and I know several people whose prayers have not been answered in the same way. Bless your heart, Laurie

Marisa said...

That is such great news Laurie. So good to hear.