Sunday, April 27, 2014

My favorite uncle

I went home this weekend, so I could spend some quality time with my favorite uncle.

Now, before any of you get bent out of shape about me playing favorites, let me just say... I'm an equal opportunity favorite-er. As in, I've been known to have multiple favorites at the same time. It is my way.

Which is NOT to say that Uncle John isn't really my favorite. He so is.

Probably because he has magical powers:

Also, he's a HECK of a story teller! I should know, because I got him to sit down and tell Katie and me stories for three hours Thursday night while all the other grown ups were out of the house.

It was a little bit o' heaven, I tell you.

John is my mom's oldest sibling, and as such, has memories/stories that I'd never heard before.

I love my family. Immediate, extended, adopted, grafted... however they became part of us. I love them.

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Beth said...

I love that you're family too!! And that you know my Dad is an AMAZING storyteller - especially when he has such a great audience! :)