Saturday, June 14, 2014

This one's all about Dr. G...

It's true.

I talk more about H than I do about G.

It's because H is single, and I'm trying to convince him - by telling the www that he would love me - that he should just give in already. (So far it hasn't worked. But you'll note that I keep on truckin'. A quitter, I am not.)

But G is also a good time. Below, I offer you proof in the form of (part of) an email that I sent him earlier this week (his responses are in italics):

Dr. G,

Here's the thing... You and H sprung that surgery on me on Friday, and I didn't have time to think of (much less ask) all my questions.

I'll list what I've thought of here... If you'd rather that I come in and see you to discuss, let me know and I'll call and make an appointment. Otherwise, if you can email me back with answers, that would be swell.

Q: Will there be any follow-up treatment after surgery? I'm assuming no chemo (as per the usual), but as I recall, there was a conversation around/just after my last surgery that if I had another recurrence, you/H may try a different form of radiation. In my head, I was remembering "bracci" - or something that sounded like that - but I just looked up types of radiation and the closest thing I can find is "brachytherapy", which looks like radiation at the surgery site during surgery. Is this happening? Is there a possibility of any other type of treatment that would/could be related to this new little friend?

A: As long as I can get it out, there shouldn't need to be any further treatment. Your recurrences are in different locations so there is no real rationale to give you radiation (which prevents local recurrences). Plus, it becomes quite problematic if the intestines get radiation - can be a long lasting problem - thus, we would only use radiation if there were not other options.

(Please allow me to break in to this email and say WHERE WAS THIS DOCTOR FOUR YEARS AGO, WHEN MY INTESTINES HAD 6 SOLID WEEKS OF RADIATION SHOT THROUGH THEM?! ... On the upside, I'm glad they won't further compromise my guts, unnecessarily. I heart these doctors. Big time. A lot. For real.)

Q: I know that you don't love the abdominal binders, but as someone who's been cut open about a million (or three) times, I'm here to tell you... I need that thing to be any kind of mobile. Is there any chance that I could wake up with the binder on this time? Getting into that thing, post-surgery, is hell. I understand there will probably be blood and other dna matter all over it if it's put on before I'm coherent. I don't care. ... Anything I can do to avoid the pain of having to get that thing on the day after surgery.

A: You can have as many abdominal binders as you would like. Remind me on day of surgery that is what you want and we will put it on in the operating room.

Q: Any idea how long the incision will be? With you having to fix the hernias, I'm assuming you'll open me back up along the same incision... but I didn't think to ask.

A: The incision will be as long as it needs to be to get to the mass (in the lower abdomen) and to fix the hernias (extending to the upper abdomen.). You may have trouble with getting back into a bikini.

Q: You'd mentioned that you didn't want me to do any exercising for 6 weeks. I'm assuming that walking will be okay (I need to walk to be able to poop... I know you love it when I share these intimate details), but I wanted to make sure.

A: I would prefer if you would crawl, but walking will be fine.

How hilarious is Dr. G? Dude slays me. I love that he runs the gamut of super doctory, efficient, professional (surgeon-like) to talking about my bikini body (uh... right) and how he'd prefer I'd crawl, post-surgery, but he'll accept walking.

He sent his answers at about 11:00 last night. I read them right away, and responded with a "Thank you!". I woke up this morning to a response from him. Three words, "Go to bed."

I love my doctors. I love that they know medicine, and I also love that they know how to just be... people.

I'm glad I can joke with them AND be totally serious with them. They're awesome. They BOTH are. And I'm so grateful that they're my doctors.

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Jenni said...

Such a blessing. Seriously. Coolest guys ever.